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PGT Series 730 door, interior view of recessed threshold. Nothing to trip over here!

PGT Series 730 door with fully recessed threshold. This is a door installation done the right way! Job complete, customers happy.

New PGT Series 730 impact resistant door installed with screen. Note that the fully recessed threshold is not apparent from the exterior,

Installation Photos - 3 1/2" of concrete have been cut away to recess the hurricane door threshold so as to minimize the risk of a tripping hazard and to improve the functionality & looks of the installation. Notice the cleanliness of the job in progress.

another view of 32 feet of PGT Series 780 impact resistant French Sliding Glass Doors.

PGT Series 780 impact resistant French sliding glass doors. White frames, 9/16" bronze tinted glass. No-tripping hazard thresholds mounted flush with wood floors to interior. With their oversized rollers, these doors slide beautifully.

PGT Series 740 impact resistant casement windows in "XOX" 1/4-1/2-1/4 configuration. White frames, 7/16" bronze tinted glass with ogee (simulated divided lites) in the operable vents.

Honduras Mahogany, Dade-County approved impact resistant door, 2 1/4" thick, 1 3/4" x 6" jamb, fully recessed threshold.

Polished chrome Baldwin entry set on a PGT Series 101H door.

PGT Series 101H Front entry door with polished chrome Baldwin hardware, Door has clear 7/16" impact glass with white inter-layer for privacy and stone border surrounding door. An economical door dressed up with nice hardware & trim that looks fabulous.

PGT Series 710 Horizontal Rolling Window in XOX 1/4-1/2-1/4 configuration, 7/16" gray tinted impact resistant glass. Sides are operable, center picture window is fixed. Screens included.

PGT Series 750 Entry Door With One Sidelite. Non-Recessed Threshold Per Client Request. Clamshell Threshold Extension Added.

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